Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Gift Box (+ printables)

Hey guys! How have you been lately? Did you any of you guys celebrate Valentine's Day (or singles awareness day)? I really wanted to make little gift boxes of candy for my friends this year, but since school is starting to pick up speed, I'm starting to get busy. With that being said, this week I'm going to show you guys how to make these little gift boxes that I would have used for Valentine's Day.
I've created a printable template for you guys in case you're too lazy to make all the measurements for the box yourself: PDF Template (look to the end of the post for pre-decorated printables). In the case that you decide to use the template, most of the steps listed below can be skipped.
We're going to start by, first, making all the measurements for our box.
*Note: you DO NOT have to copy my measurements. This is only an example, so you can make your box as big as you want.
On the left and right most rectangle, we're going to draw half of a heart. You could also draw other shapes if you don't want to the flaps to resemble a heart, just make sure that the half shapes line up. As pictured above, after drawing in your half heart shapes on the outer rectangles, mark the mid-points within the rectangle. You are later going to cut slits ending at those midpoints on both half hearts so you can slot the two halves together and close the box.
Cut around the shape that you've just created, and remember to cut slits to the midpoints on both of the heart flaps.
(Optional) The two rectangles at the bottom right of the above picture are optional. They will be slotted together to form dividers within your box.
Now grab any kind of blunt object (e.g. knitting needle, letter opener, butter knife.. etc.) and use it to score the lines on the card stock, but make sure you're not cutting through the paper. This will help make folding the box up a bit easier.
At this point you can start to get creative and decorate the box in anyway that you like, but make sure you decorate the clean side if your template so that the measurements that you made with your pencil do not show on the outside of the box.
These are the boxes that I would have used during Valentine's Day to hold the chocolate that I was planning to make for my friends. Anyways, as promised, here are some pre-decorated templates that I made using Photoshop:
  • Blue lace box template: PDF
  • Pink heart box template: PDF
  • Dark blue floral box template: PDF
  • Light blue floral box template: PDF
 NOTE: Look under the materials picture for undecorated template. 
*NOTE: If you are going to be putting food (e.g. cookies, candy, cupcakes, etc.) in these boxes I would suggest you, first, place some parchment paper or maybe some plastic down to act as a barrier between the box and the food so that the box doesn't absorb any of the grease or oils from the food.

This blog post had been long over due, but I really hope the tutorial was helpful to you in some shape or form. I also hope that I didn't confuse you guys too much with my descriptions (I'd make for a horrible teacher). If there were any discrepancies or confusion with what I had said, please don't hesitate to ask me for clarification. I'm always willing to help

I had originally intended for these boxes to be for Valentine's Day, but they can really be used for anything you like. Would you guys be interested in me making more patterned templates for other holidays? Leave your comments below!

Until next time~


  1. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. the floral templates look really great for your DIY tutorials! <3 easy and doable DIY!

  3. So proud of you, Kimberly!
    I love your projects : )
    Your directions are so clear that even a non-artist like me can complete the project!

    1. Thank you for continuing to follow me and I'm happy that you love my projects!! :)